I can finally hear Kate’s fingers

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April 9, 2014

A close friend of mind died yesterday. Him and his wife shot to death in their own apartment with their baby sitting crying between the dead bodies. A really evil person did this.

My thoughts are pretty motionless, looping. While this happened, I was at Arcade Fire’s win butlers hometown show. Watching him sing “afterlife, oh my god what a awful word” I also put on Can’s Tago Mago for the first time yesterday and it was specially intense being on acid for the first time in a year. Truely a great recording.

A memorable day now impossible to forget.

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The turkey is pretty cold


One of Kanye West’s first TV performances…look how nervous he is at first…

People say he has changed… First thing he says is “I spent alot of time  this morning picking out outfit because i am really into clothes   Imma be the best dressed rapper out in the game”

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